Hello world!

“Hello World” happens to be the title for the default first blog post when WordPress is installed. How appropriate in this case. As a programmer I am bound to honour the tradition and start this new endeavour using those same words.

“Why?” you may wonder. Perhaps it is because every programmer aspires his/her creations to reach out and be used by everyone. Perhaps because those two simple words are the first indication that something is actually working. And when our creation’s initial response is a greeting to the world it feels, for a split second, that there is more in it than just a printf line. They might awake inside us all those subconscious hopes that Artificial Intelligence will be a reality one day (it should have been since 12 January 1992) and motivate us to continue on our small contribution to that end. Or perhaps it’s just tradition.

In any case, within the context of my first ever blog post, on a medium that spreads around the globe and which can be potentially read by virtually everyone, I feel that the best way to start is by greeting you all.

Hello World indeed!

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