Hexpand: where from here?

I have been thinking recently about what I should do with Hexpand.

A few months ago I managed to get a working prototype of the game out there. It has been circulated to a selected audience of friends and family causing mixed responses and that has been a great learning experience for me in so many levels. Since then, however, I haven’t been able to go back and continue developing a proper Alpha version.

Hexpand screenshot

Hexpand has been a playground for testing new and exciting things since its inception. Originally it started as a attempt to design a game with specific features and later became an experimentation on game development and project management.

Over the time it has evolved to something more than just a learning experiment. I am pleased that it has reached a playable form but it is still far from being complete. I believe that it has the potential to become a decent game on it’s own right and perhaps even a platform for other people to experiment on developing competitive Artificial Intelligent Agents.

Obviously for Hexpand to reach it’s full potential there have to be more people involved in the project. That is why I am thinking now whether it is worth starting an open source project at this stage and invite anyone interested to help me out on this task.

It is not an easy decision. Moderating an open source project is a big responsibility. On top of that I am not sure my spaghetti prototype code is good enough to become a base to build upon. But it definitely seems like the logical conclusion of Hexpand and it is probably where I will take this project eventually.

I just have to make up my mind if now is the right time to do that or not.

Ah, decisions decisions …

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