Welcome to GitCup’s Privacy Policy

Last Modified: 12/Feb/2017

Some times in order for an application to be useful it needs to access some of your data. This document explains what information GitCup needs and what it does with your data as you use it.

  • GitHub repositories. One of the main features of GitCup is that it integrates with GitHub. It needs to access repository and commit meta-data for the purpose of calculating the duration of your work items. It might store some of that information locally on your device in order to improve performance. If you do not sign in GitHub, GitCup will only access the commits of the public repositories that you request and are available on the GitHub website. None of this information is transmitted or stored outside of the device GitCup is running.
  • GitHub Account. When you sign in with your GitHub account, GitCup will use OAuth2 protocol to obtain authorization to access your private repositories. If the authorization is successful you have the option to let Windows to remember your credentials. Saving your credentials is not necessary for using GitCup and is for your convenience only. After that point GitCup only uses the temporary token provided by GitHub and does not use or store your credentials anywhere else. You can always check and revoke the permissions you have granted to any app (including GitCup) from GitHub’s website (find more information here). To change or remove credentials that Windows has stored, you can use the Credentials Manager from Windows Control Panel.
  • Project data. When you are using GitCup you create data related to your project (for example project URL and work items). All GitCup data are stored in a folder on your local device as clear text. Depending on your roaming settings and the size of that data, they might be copied on a Microsoft server in order to be synchronized between your different devices. You can disable that feature in windows settings.
  • Usage data. GitCup is built with Microsoft’s Application Insights, an analytics framework which can collect a number of data points and telemetry associated with your usage. Refer to Microsoft for more info. However the current version of GitCup does not connect to any Azure website and therefore no usage data are explicitly collected apart from the default data that Microsoft collects for all store apps.

Policy changes

This policy might change from time to time. Please come back here to check the latest version of this policy every time you receive an update of your GitCup.